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Eating Crazy Cheese Like You’d Think I’m From Paris

November 13th, 2008

So I suck at the game rockband. But for some reason, despite it sounding crappy, I am able to rock the microphone. Check out this score I got last night, and the level!  Granted, it was on a song (So Whatcha Want) that didnt require much pitch, but still, on expert level.

And since The Beastie Boys are the topic of conversation, 2 other tidbits:

1. In 5th grade at a school “talent” show, Myself, Guy Cline, Jeff Glover and Mike Margeson did an airband to the beastie song “slow and low” (only after paul revere and girls and practically every song on that album got rejected for different reasons by the teachers).  We used tennis raquets that we covered in black electrical tape, as our guitars, and we looked pretty foolish.  Craig Markley and his crew won the event when they did an airband to a Poison song -that somehow made it thru the censors (Talk Dirty To Me)- but using real electric guitars that they had rented.  By the way, if anyone has a video of that event, that would be sweet to see.

2.  One of the best music videos ever (and awesome running song I might add), sabotage, is below for your viewing pleasure.  A college friend of mine, Matt “pickles” Pelascini once did a recreation of this video which was pretty sweet.  Matt, if by chance you ever read this, I would love to see that video again.

Elevator PSA

November 3rd, 2008

Warning, this funny video on racism includes some swear words

Oh What A Finish – Del Piero

November 3rd, 2008

One of my favorite soccer players of my lifetime (known by some in May 1997 as “Eye Boy”), scored a sweet free kick this past weekend against Roma.

This Week I'm Thinking About: Savannah Peterson