May 24th, 2013

A great game to play at a baseball game, better with more people, but I have played with as little as 3.

It is your batter…

Out = -.10
1B = +.10
2B = +.20
3b = +.30
HR = +.25
Beach Ball on Field = -$1
HBP = +.10
Walk = +.10
Sacrafice = Even
Reach By Error (unless it is a single and an error etc) = Even
RBI = +.10
SB = +.10
CS = -.10
K Swinging = -.10
K Looking = -.25

Paid out to each player, or from each player

Here With Me

December 14th, 2012

Don’t want your picture
On my cell phone
I want you here with me
Don’t want your memory
In my head now
I want you here with me

–The Killers

Here With Me by The Killers on Grooveshark

Photo Shoot Of Robbie’s Fam

December 9th, 2012

Using a camera I wasn’t used to, as well as taking pics of kids that would not sit still proved to be adventurous. But thankfully for digital cameras (and the ability to take 150 pics in 20 min), these were my favorites of the day.

Skinny Love

October 26th, 2012

And i told you to be patient
And i told you to be fine
And i told you to be balanced
And i told you to be kind

Birdy, covering Bon Iver

Generic Statement

September 3rd, 2012

I wish you were truly into me.

Vertical Video PSA

August 29th, 2012

Always say NO to old Mila Kunis.

Cheaters Never Prosper?

August 29th, 2012

A little disorganized rant:

I posed this statement on facebook the other day:

do the ends justify the means? I love lance for his fortitude in fighting cancer, for his perseverance and determination to raise money thru his foundation. For that, call him a hero if you want. Please do not call him a hero for his cycling. Cheating can be forgiven. But cheating itself is despicable and does not make you a hero. Does the end – all his cancer awareness and funds, justify what it took (and what he took) to be noticed?

Witchhunt – Cheaters never prosper
Do I agree with the witchhunt to convict Clemens, Palmerio, McGwire, Armstrong, Bonds etc? No. I think the government and these governing agencies have their own vendetta to teach a bigger lesson of “Cheaters Never Prosper.” It was a phrase I heard over and over as a child, as my parents wanted to teach me the value of ethics and honesty. These governing agencies are just trying to spank these cheaters, and prove a lesson to the rest of the world. But the cheaters are prospering How much money and fame have these people gotten? Despite admitting to taking things that improved their performance (sure, debatable), their personal accomplishments are still revered. Thier stats are still held as “records.”

The act of cheating is forgivable. Im not a saint. There have been many decisions and choices and actions that I am ashamed of, that I belive I was wrong for. I am grateful that I don’t have to stand trial in the court of public opinion like these people do. The bible says “all have fallen short…” I am no different than these people, in that I too have made mistakes.

Lance Armstrong was never found fraudlent in his drug tests. Well at least in his tests that were submissable evidence (technicalities). However he recently dropped his fight, conceivably, because of the insurmountable evidence against him, that included many eye-witnesses. It was a good PR move. Quit (he was never a quitter before), when it got too rough, when he didnt want the new evidence coming out, and before his name was dragged thru the press again, this time with the required proof.

Cheaters should not be revered as hero’s.

Lance can be considered a “hero” for all of his work that he and his foundation have done to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.
Lance can be considered a hero for his own fight and victory over testicular cancer (was this cancer caused by PED’s?).
Please do not consider Lance a hero for his cycling or his hard work that he put into his cycling. This was all negated by his cheating.

ryan braun – mvp
arod – former MVP soon to be hr record holder
bonds – former mvp current hr record holder
Mcgwire – former hr season record holder
Clemens – countless cy youngs

Im fed up with people gaining exposure, fame, money, and reverence because they excelled at something, and cheated to do so.







Susan Cain: The Power Of Introverts

July 30th, 2012

‎”When it comes to creativity and to leadership, we need introverts doing what they do best”.


June 3rd, 2012

Was just retweeted by Zane Lamprey to his 46K followers. How fun.

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We’ve Accomplished Almost Nothing

June 3rd, 2012

This video was made by Yahoo! Sketch comedy team, and it is a parody of the bottom video/song We Are Young. And it is sad and depressing. And it is something that I have been relating to all my life. Which is even more sad and depressing. But I love songs and lyrics that can pull those emotions out of me, kind of makes me feel alive – and sad and depressed.

I find it funny, this song was made by yahoo, but at the 3:29 mark, the character does a search and uses google.

Original Song: