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He’s Got An Awesome Mustache

March 10th, 2010

Billy Crudup as Russell Hammond in Almost Famous

If you recall a recent snide of mine, you will recall that I was going big, bushy, and walrussy with my beard.  Well, now that March has rolled around, it is Mustache month.  I recently shaved my beard down into a mustache for the month.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my sideburns at first, so I decided to just keep them long and bushy.

I think I resemble a little,  Billy Crudup.  A little bit like when he plays guitarist, Russell Hammond in the band Stillwater,  in the movie Almost Famous.

But I especially think I look like him when he played Steve Prefontaine in the 1998  movie, Without Limits.  Without Limits follows a couple of story lines, including the invention of the shoe brand Nike.  But the main story line is of the life of Pre.  Pre was a world class runner, that refused to follow your typical trends and protocols when it came to sport.  He competed furiously in the Olympics and for University of Oregon.  His life died before he was able to fulfill his tremendous talents.  If you have never seen the movie, you can borrow it from me.  I highly recommend it.

Billy Crudup as Steve Prefontaine

I don’t want to turn this snide into a review and campaign for this movie, but the truth is, is it is a very inspiring movie.  Here are a couple of great quotes:

Bill Bowerman: Running, one might say, is basically an absurd past-time upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning, in the kind of running you have to do to stay on this team, chances are you will be able to find meaning in another absurd past-time: Life.

And in another point of the movie, Pre says:

Steve Prefontaine: I don’t want to win unless I know I’ve done my best, and the only way I know how to do that is to run out front, flat out until I have nothing left. Winning any other way is chicken-shit.

Ok, now lets get back to the main reason of this snide, my beautiful mustache.

And now for a very catchy mustache song.  Make sure you watch till the end, as the best part is at the end when they say “he’s got an awesome mustache.”

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