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Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

March 26th, 2009

I have had great recovery with my knee in the ability to walk around the office, the house with minimal pain.  I have basically been walking on it since the day of the surgery

After doing non-impact rehab, I have been on a program to get me back on the courts of tennis and basketball, and back on the fields of soccer.  The program has supposed to occur and a couple week intervals.  Beginning with light jogging (50 yards at a time),  I was supposed to build up to a longer distance with less walking.  This was to last a couple weeks.  Then I was to progress to sprinting.  A few weeks later I was supposed to progress to doing cutting and figure eight type drills. 

Have you noticed all the use of the phrase “supposed to?”

I think its been a couple months now that I have been doing the light jogging.  I have seen very little improvement.  I have not progressed to more then a few light 50 yard jogs.  This week I have experienced some more swelling behind my knee, and even experienced some sharp pain in my knee during a roaring ping pong game today.  This has been frustrating.  I have had a lot less motivation to go to the gym to rehab, and it has been aggravating that a couple week process has been taking months, with no line on the horizon.

I have continually been icing though, so hopefully that will help the swelling.  And I need to stay focused on my rehab exercises, and keep pushing through the demotivating aspects.  The doubt side of me wonders if they missed some loose cartilage that might be floating through my knee.  I just gotta press on.  “It isn’t nice, but it’s reality.”

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