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Release Me

December 1st, 2013

I need to write more. I need to release the voices in my head. But via what avenue? That is the main reason I have this blog, is for my own personal journal and documentation of trips and events. But we live in an internet world where nothing is private, and everything is accessible. And in that world, perception is reality. I am generally a wear my heart on my sleeve type of guy, sharing every little thought of emotion that comes to my mind. But my mind can be a dark place. Do the words I write, the lyrics I quote, and the pain I let escape define me? In this internet world they might. Do I want a future employer, a future spouse, a future child to see inside that mess?

I need to find an escape soon though, a place to vent these voices. I have been in a dark place lately, a place that does not define me, but does encapsulate me.

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