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Bidet To You Too Sir

June 14th, 2009

An intellectual discussion on bidets, had while in Florence Italy.  Will you join this roundtable discussion?

By the way, I am still working on catching up on my journals.  I posted a new one today.



January 15th, 2009

Check out Ryan Seacrest instinctually attempt to give a high-five to a contestant.  But then remembers that the guy is blind.  HA!

**Update (2/15/09)**
Apparently fox got embarrased and removed the video from the internet.  It was really funny though, so you will just have to imagine.

Other Great fives:




Top Gun



Scrubs (more of a handshake than a high-five)

Another Scrubs handshake from an outtake

honorable mention goes to Borat, but I couldn’t find a good clip or image.

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