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World Cup Memories

July 14th, 2010

The World Cup just ended this weekend.  I am sad.  But my body is rejoicing as that means no more 4:30 am games to wake up for, and the ability to sleep in on Saturday as well.

1994 hosted in USA
The first year that I remember the World Cup.  USA was hosting, and therefore there was TV coverage.  Although, all of the games were not on tv, only a select few.  I remember specifically the game on July 4th.  USA was playing Brazil in the knockout stage.  The USA was wearing these garish blue uniforms with stars all over them, and red shorts.  I believe it was a Sunday and after church, found my seat in my parents room and watched the TV.  It was a 1-0 loss.  I don’t remember much else from that year’s event.  Robbie went to a game in Pasadena (with Lane?), saw Camaroon play.  He bought me a souvenir shirt.  I kept that shirt, and believe I still even have it in storage.

1998 Hosted in France
This world cup was the first time I had watched more than just USA games.  I had graduated from Westmont only a month before, and had been home for only a couple of weeks.  We lived in Green Valley, and I had turned Robbie’s room into my living room.  I had a couch in there, my stereo, my television, and my blue recliner.  A summer earlier, I had been in France and seen a lot of the hype and build up to this event.  Being fresh out of school, I did not have a job quite yet.  This was going to be the summer I immersed myself into the tournament.

The first games of the day were around 6 or 7 am if I recall.  This is very early in the day for a recent college student.  I remember dragging myself out of bed daily, down the hall, and sitting in the recliner with a blanket as I listened to Dave Revsine do the pregame show.  Still to this day, anytime I hear this guy’s voice, I think back to that wonderful summer.

So continuing, I would wake up early, watch the game while half falling asleep, and I would stay in that chair drifting between sleep and awake to watch all the games of the day.  I don’t think I quite watched (or sat there for) every game of the tournament, but I think I came close.  Though, I can’t tell you much about that tournament orther than blue recliner and an announcer, but it was my first full dive into the World Cup.  I will cherish it forever.

2002 Hosted by Japan and Korea
I will consider this the Lost World Cup.  I do not have much reccollection of this tournament.   I know I watched some of it.  I just don’t remember where and when and with whom.

It was the summer after I began officially dating Lisa.  I was working at Had I moved into 4s Ranch yet?  Or was I still living at home?  Hmmm

2006 Hosted by Germany
This was a really fun year of watching the World Cup.  Other than the summer of 98, probably my favorite one yet!  I was living in RB with Juan and Mike.  I was working at Emerald.

During the day at work, I would have a window open on my computer to TVU.  This is a program that plays tv from around the world.  I would listen to the audio, and as soon as I heard some excitement, I would alt+tab to that window and watch live streaming television of the game.  It was awesome.

Then, for the month long tournament, every weekend Juan, Lisa and Myself would spend the night at the Oceanside beachhouse.  We would wake up early for games, and then nap and hang out at the beach all weekend.  It was like a weekly holiday.  I loved it!  Having beach weekends all month, in the summer, with world class soccer, with 2 of my best friends will always be one of my favorite all time memories of the world cup.

This was also the first time there was a World Cup when HD TV existed.  Fortunately for us, the beach house had an HD tv. I remember the final was played on a Sunday, and Tom and Sue also came out.

2010 Hosted by South Africa
Another fun World Cup.  I nearly watched every game.  But the schedule caught up with me.  The first game of the day was at 4:30 in the morning, followed by 7:00 am game, and then a 11:30 am game.  Some days, I would wake up for the first game, bright and early.  I would shower and get ready for work during halftime.  And then when the game ended, I would go to work so I could be there by 6:30.

I would then try to avoid scores all day, as my work no longer allowed the use of TVU.  When I would go home, I would then watch the 2 games I missed, on Tivo.  But being so tired from the early game, it would always be a struggle to keep my eyes open.  Although, I did.  And then I would go to bed at 8pm if I could.

On the weekends, I would go over to Juan and Lisa’s condo, and watch the first two games.  Then at 9:30 am, would go nap by their relaxing pool.  Then would watch the 11:30 am game after that.

For the finals, we had a little gathering at my parents house to watch the Dutch play against Spain.  Everyone was sort pulling for the Dutch, except Juan and Lala.  Dressed in orange, we had a fun time, and Spain won in extra time.

I look forward to 4 years from now, when the time zone will be a little bit closer.  Brazil 2014.  Where will I be then?  For every World Cup I have watched, I have lived in a different house.  What will change in the next 4 years?

I can hardly wait!


DDS..a dentist, did I use the phrase improperly?

November 15th, 2008

"I am a dentist, couldn't be prouder! I am a dentist, yell a little louder!!"

I haven’t had much luck with dentists over the last few years.  It seems that when I finally find one that I like and trust, that my insurance at work changes.  When that occurs, I have to start the process of finding a new dentist.  Due to time and energy and priorities, this will often take me upwards of 6 months.  I will then finally get an appointment.

My goal is to get on a regular professional cleaning schedule, say once every 6 months.  But when you go to a dentist for the first time, they often do not want to do a cleaning the first visit, but merely a consultation.  It seems like, much of the rest of the business world, that they just want to make an extra buck, and an extra visit gets them paid extra.

One thing that dentists try to get an extra buck on, is something they like to call a “deep cleaning.”  I have had friends of friends of dentists say that a deep cleaning is just a hoax in an attempt to extricate money from the patient.  I have had this experience twice. 

I went to a dentist once in Rancho Bernardo.  This dental experience was a sham from the moment I arrived.  I walked in and they wanted to charge me a $5 co-pay.  Mind you, it wasn’t a co-pay that my insurance required, but merely the dentist. 

I get myself into the chair, of course, for just the inspection and not a cleaning.  As the dentist is peering into my gaping mouth, he is breathing on me, and it is despicable smelling breath.  After his review of my periodontal offering, I was told that I would need a deep cleaning.  The was the last time I visited that dentist.  After another 6 month period of trying to find a new dentist, I finally received the cleaning I wanted.  That next dentist I went to, told me that my teeth looked great and took care of them.

As things have gone for me, my insurance coverage shortly thereafter changed.  I was back on the dentist street, having to fend for myself.

About 6 months ago, I went to a dentist in Carmel Mountain Ranch.  I loved the potential of a dentist not too far from my office.  I went there, did my typical bleeding, and once again was told that I would require a “deep cleaning,” and it would cost me about $1,200 out of my own pocket.  The last time I went to that dentist.

This last week, I finally went to a dentist again.  I sat there in the waiting room and my mind was taking notice of everything in the room, everything on the walls.  All of the plaques and certificates and cancellation warnings.  And then I noticed the piece of paper on the counter top.  The words jumped off the page:  “DEEP CLEANING.”  I was doomed again I thought.

I was not impressed with the office as they took me back to the chair.  Even when I was getting my teeth x-ray’d, they had to slide things out of the way on the floor with their feet.  This was not going well.  And then the dentist surprised me.  He said that my teeth were in good shape, and that despite my troubles in creating the habit of flossing, that my gums were in decent strength as well.  And then he said that he would do a cleaning that day.  The best part was that I did not hear the words “deep cleaning.”

Now I did the cleaning, and I even filled out the postcard to remind me of a visit 6 months from now.  But there are factors that I will still have to consider.  The first factor that I haven’t mentioned, is that the cleaning seemed really quick, and not very well done.  They did not floss my teeth, there wasn’t a heavy polishing (though, they did do this briefly), and there definetly wasn’t any t.l.c or mouthwash.  The second factor that I will have to consider, is that my dental insurance is changing again as of the first of the year.  I will more then likely have to start the search all over again.

Since I’m blabbing on about the bad dentists, I must say that the best dentist I have ever had local to the Poway/Rancho Bernardo area, is a dentist that is in the Twin Peaks shopping center–to the right of target.  With a busy work schedule, it was nice that that dentist, twice a week, would stay open till 9pm.  It was very convenient.  I went to that dentist for a couple years while I worked at Tierranet.  And then, of course my work insurance changed.

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