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Hard Hat Man

April 28th, 2011

Hard Hat Man

The sky was a perfect blue, the sun and shadows were hitting me just right, my beard was the perfect length of needing to shave.

Cowboy Star

April 27th, 2011



April 26th, 2011

Dan’s beautiful, yet giant mastiff named Cassius

Insta Extra Grammy Gram Gram And WordPress From My Phone

April 26th, 2011

My last few posts have been short and sweet.  Mainly just an image, or very little text.  I have been using an app on my phone called  I love it!  It is like the auto-tune for photos…basically it can make any photo look better.  It is really simple to use.  You take a picture.  You can then choose to use the tilt-shift feature (allows you to blur and focus a plateau of the image), and then you can choose a filter to use.

It has a great social effect in that you can follow certain users, and then see their images in your feed.  In your feed you can choose to “like” an image, or even leave a comment.

I also just discovered which is an online portal to view and comment all these images, when you are away from your phone or wish to save an image.

And one more tidbit to this post.  I also installed the wordpress app on my phone, so that I could send these pictures, or do quick posts from my phone.  I don’t intend to do long posts from my phone, but I did  want to share some pictures on my site from all the fun I have been having with instagram.  I have created a category on the right for these particular posts.


Waterfall At Capri Blu

April 25th, 2011


Irony Pinot Noir

April 19th, 2011

I’m feeling ironic. Really liked this one


Starbucks Cards

April 9th, 2011



This Week I'm Thinking About: Josh Stichter