2010 Goals

Will you be calling it “Twenty-Ten?” or “Two-Thousand and Ten?” or my new favorite, “010” (oh-one-oh).

I have never been a big proponent of New Year’s Resolutions, or more generically of goal setting.  I have learned over the years that life doesn’t always go the way you expect it or hope.  I have adjusted to life by being adaptable, not getting stuck on any one thought or idea, and having the flexibility to change directions.

I have created goals these past few years, but staying with this go with the flow type attitude, I have kept them generic yet worthy.

I have decided that every year I am going to have the goal to get in better shape:  mentally, spiritually, and physically.  This is a generic enough goal, but also a goal that has deep substance to it.  Although pithy, it is a goal that I can always strive for and feel good about.

However, all that being said, I think this year I am going to box myself in a little bit more, and create goals that fall within those categories;  Actual specific outcomes to help  me get in better shape in those categories.  I will try to keep them realistic and reachable, so as to not overwhelm myself and give up.  And the physical goals are dependant on a healthy body (I go in for a knee MRI tomorrow).   Baby steps towards measured life improvement.  Also, since some goals could perhaps be covered in multiple categories, I won’t separate them.

Get in better shape phyisically, spirtually, and mentally-
In no particular order:

  1. Read one book during the year
  2. Read one chapter of the bible twice a month
  3. Go to church one time per month
  4. Post to Snide Remarks two times per month
  5. Go for a run or walk two times per month
  6. Go to the gym two times per month
  7. Volunteer one time for the year
  8. Review my finances two times for the year
  9. Write one card per month to a loved one
  10. Look to further my career once every two months
  11. Practice guitar two times per month
  12. Practice piano two times per month
  13. Do twenty-five push-ups a month
  14. Do twenty-five sit-ups a month
  15. Have a child
  16. Call my grandparents four times for the year
  17. Complete four of my “big” projects for the year – those items I always seem to be pushing off
  18. Donate money two times for the year
  19. Buy one new song a month
  20. Floss one time a week

I have been thinking over some of these for the past few months.  I should have written them down then.  I reserve the right to add to this list if I recall them.

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6 Responses to “2010 Goals”

  1. Andy says:

    #15 was thrown in there to see if you were still reading. Although, I would love to have a child of my own.

  2. Debbie says:

    Did you set the bar too high??? I think I will make a chart and buy you stars when you reach your lofty goals. Boy, you really put yourself out there for all the world to hold to accountable…very brave.

  3. Arlene says:

    Go for it Andy! You can do it, but I think in a very short time, you can do the pushups and situps daily and the gym twice a week 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    i know i CAN…but i wanted to make general enough ones, so i wouldnt get overwhelmed by trying to tackle too much. if i do more, great, but im gonna make sure i do these minimums.

  5. Lisa says:

    I love how “have a child” is sandwiched right between doing 25 push-ups and making 4 phone calls… slightly different order of magnitude. Mad props for doing the tough work of thinking through what you want and setting measurable goals. I know you will be successful at anything and everything you set your mind to.

  6. Matt says:

    I was TOTALLY still reading when I came to #15. Love it.

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