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  1. Andy says:

    i posed this to caption contest to some of Joey’s friends, but did not get (or ask) their permission to use their names. So here are their responses, nameless

    Biden: “My heart races when you stare into my eyes like that.”
    Obama: “Like this?”
    Biden: “Yea, exactly like that.”

    biden: “ever heard of the double dutch rudder?”
    obama: “isn’t that sorta gay?”
    biden: “no way — we’re not touching each other’s junk”

    Biden: So what do u wanna get for lunch? Chillis or Fridays?
    Obama: Look Joe, for last time I don’t give a fuck! It’s all the same to me after that J of Sour Diesel we jus smoked.
    Biden: Um…ok, but I’m not driving your black ass again, I drove last time.
    Obama: God damn it, your such a Jew. Let’s go!
    Biden: so. . . Chillis or Fridays?

    Obama: You know I don’t like it when we both show up to work wearing the same suit.
    Biden: I’m sorry, Sir. I should have called this morning.
    Obama: This is your final warning. We’re not the Men in Black twins.

    biden: mr. president, you have a huge erection
    obama: it’s the pleats… don’t act like you’re not jealous…

    Biden: Don’t look right away, but that douchebag with the camera has the most white trash mullet I’ve ever seen.
    Obama: You mean that guy over th-
    Biden: Dude! I said don’t look right away.
    Obama: Sorry, bro.

    biden: when the cameraman leaves, we’ll start swordfighting…

  2. debbie says:

    This sight is rated “R” I like Number 4 the best. Can I write my own?

  3. Sarmad says:

    I’ll go ahead and claim mine (#6). And will add:

    Obama: I just saw Revolutionary Road.
    Biden: Oh man. I know where you’re at right now.
    Obama: Coming in for a hug.

  4. Andy says:

    haha, good one Sarmad.

    Mom, yes, its R rated so that Pirates will enjoy it too. And of course, leave your own caption.

    and special thanks to the White House Twitter for letting me know of this picture.

  5. Zoe says:

    I’ll take claim for number 4. Sarmad, definitely a fan of your second one, as well!

  6. Josh says:

    Biden: “Remember this time, ‘bi-partisan’ means working together, not everyone doing what I tell people they will.”
    Obama: “You’re not going to go make me stand in the corner again are you? I was pacing for hours in here trying to find one last time.”

  7. Andy says:

    another nameless one:

    Biden: Did you see Andy’s homeless beard?
    Obama: Yes! I think his beard is the smoke monster.
    Biden: I hope it explains what is happening on the island but I can’t be
    too sure.
    Obama: I know. Damn ABC promos just keep saying “it’s the last season”.
    Give me a f*&^ing hint!

    Lost + andy’s beard reference = winner!
    andys beard

  8. Andy says:

    Obama: Ok, I saw you blink.
    Biden: You’re right, you win. Now that those 7 hours have passed, what should we do for the last hour?

  9. debbie says:

    Now let me get this straight,I’m the tin man, YOU’RE the scarecrow.

  10. brendan says:

    Biden: so we convinced everyone that this global warming thing is real, but I had to hire 3 more staffers just to dig my car out from this snow….and…

    Obama: just stop Joe…save your breath….all the poor saps that voted for us have a real crisis with their priuses. I bet I can figure out how to avoid creating jobs for another week and bailout all those prius owners. hmmm. Where’s my Deputy Director of The Crap I Read Off The Teleprompter?

  11. debbie says:

    are we voting….what do we win? sounds like a conservative audience.

  12. Jason R says:

    Biden: No sir, we can’t add a hammer and sickel to the American flag.
    Obama: Yes we can. The American people are stupid…we can just tell them it’s in support of the blacksmith and wheat farming unions! It’s perfect! And if it doesn’t go over well, we can just blame Bush!
    Biden: I love it!

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