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If you ever want to buy one of those programs to help you learn a language, Keith Law–who I find very credible–writes that Pimsleur is the way to go.  Check out his blog entry on the different programs.

Some minor thoughts via espn chats:

Keith: I know you’ve mentioned before that Rosetta Stone is not as good as some other language program you recommend. What is the name of the program you do recommend again? I can’t find it in your chat archives anywhere… Thanks!  
Keith law: Pimsleur. Audio only.

Anonymous Club Employee (Los Angeles): Keith, I just bought a set of Pimsleur discs on your recommendation from a few chats ago. Any words of advice I need to know to maximize their effectiveness?

Keith Law: Repeat each lesson until you’ve really mastered it. Might just take two listens, might take more.
Chris (nY,NY): Pimsleur – you recommend teh aduio only….does that mean the “Quick & Simple Starter” as opposed to the Comprehensive (which looks like it includes a book). Reading a recommendation online and they say to avoid the quick and simple

Keith law: Their courses are all audio-only. The Comprehensive is 30 lessons; the Quick and Simple is just the first ten.

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