Predicting The Future

What were you up to in 1993?  I was a junior in high school.  Clinton was president.  The world trade center was bombed.  Michael Jordan’s bulls beat the MVP Charles Barkley in the NBA finals.   Chris Webber called an unfortunate time-out.  Rodney King was beat.  Philadelphia and Schindler’s List were movies.  And of course, Leanzza Cornett was Miss America–how could we forget.

Computers existed, but I don’t remember having an email address for another 4 years approximately.  Yet here are these 1993 At&t commercial, predicting many technological advances.  And most of them are right on.  It’s amazing.


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8 Responses to “Predicting The Future”

  1. Nikki says:

    In 1993 I was in the first 5th grade class at Adobe Bluffs Elementary School and I had written an essay on drugs for D.A.R.E. that won a trip for me, a police officer and my teacher to go out to lunch in a cop car – I thought I was pretty cool.
    Those commercials are neat – I would love to be able to tuck my baby in from a phone somewhere though…skype can work for that I guess 😉

  2. Andy says:

    which part, the predictions, or what I or Nikki were up to in that year?

  3. Andy says:

    was your essay about drugs you were doing? Those were the days when being in a cop car was cool.

  4. debbie says:

    and what would the commercial predict today??
    when i think of all this wireless internet, i think how can anyone doubt the possibilty of the Holy Spirit being unseen and everywhere…

  5. Dang, I remember those commercials. Nice call on them, Andy.

  6. hmmm… Tom Selleck’s voice?

  7. Andy says:

    Yep, that is Tom

    Tom Selleck

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